Refinery Services:

While technology plays an important role in evaluation and refining proficiency, fair and rapid scrap reclamation is critical to every customer’s bottom line.  We understand and respect this reality, and are committed to providing the necessary manpower, technology, and expertise to ensure you receive timely settlements and maximum recovery.

In addition to our refining services, we offer assay services for all precious metal elements. We can provide assays for gold & silver metallic within minutes, to help you maintain the quality assurance and inventory control programs that are essential for your business

We refine all Precious Metals and offer you the highest returns for your Gold, Silver, Platinum scrap/ jewelry/ dental/ mine/ gold nuggets/ dust/ and more.


Whether you are a jeweler, Pawnshop, Mine or an Old Buyer, we can assist you in providing services to purchase your precious metals at the top percentages, guaranteed.


Bring in your Gold, Silver, or other Precious Metals to our location. Our team of experts is ready to help you in your needs.

Gold / Silver / Platinum Jewelry
Gold Nuggets
Dental / Fillings
Silver antique cutlery
Indian Jewelry
Bench sweeps
Floor sweeps
Polishing dust


The scale is calibrated regularly. Our scales will show you true weight of items in grams.


Our experienced team will then take your metals & begin the melting process. The clients can watch metal being melted whilst waiting at our office’s customer area. Melting processes can range from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.


Once your precious metals have been melted & Poured, our team will conduct an In-House Assay Test by using XRF technology. This will determine the percentages of Gold and Silver within Precious Metal Bar(s).


Once we have analyzed your precious Metal Bar(s), we could pay you instantly by either Cash, Cheque, Wire Transfer or in Bullion Products such as Gold, Silver, Platinum Bars & Coins.